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“Corporate travel departments experience a growing number of service products and procurement channels. Procuring according to preferred suppliers and keeping track of total travel expenditure has never been more challenging. This is why we developed the SkyGate solution”

Why SkyGate?

SkyGate is a dedicated travel management software developed to support all aspects of travel management. If you're a travel manager then SkyGate is your tool. You can find out more about the benefits of our SkyGate solutions portfolio by exploring this website.

With SkyGate you will be able to turn the complex area of travel management into a structured procurement in sync with corporate travel policies and preferred suppliers. This enables you to dramatically cut travel costs whilst increasing service and productivity.

SkyGate helps bring the necessary information together to enable you and the travellers to make the right decisions at the right time. SkyGate is developed with three key drivers in mind:

Improved efficiency + increased knowledge + integration = cost saving

By focusing on these drivers we have developed SkyGate to enable you to keep focus on cost saving and at the same time:
  • Speed up the process for you as a Travel Manager to book trips in Amadeus Selling Platform by utilizing our GDS Link.
  • Enable your fellow employees to request trips and create traveller profiles online via the SkyGate travel portal, SkyWeb.
  • Ensure that all relevant information including approver and cost centres are included in every request.
  • Present online travel requests in a structured overview making it possible for you to prioritize and plan your work.
  • Synchronise profiles and cost centres with HR systems.
  • Import invoices from TMCs, PNRs from GDSs, and bookings from online hotel suppliers.
  • Provide the traveller with an all-in-one travel plan including all bookings no matter the source.

Who we are

We have a long track record for developing innovative travel management solutions for corporations and TMCs.

We offer travel management solutions to large and medium-sized corporations with in-house travel departments, as well as data consolidation for corporations that have outsourced their travel management operations.

We work together with our customers in developing solutions that:
  • improve productivity and operational transparency
  • cut cost and document savings
  • are integrated with the customers' business applications
  • have a clear ROI
Developing trusted relationships with our customers has our primary focus at SkyGate International. We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our customers have been with us since we started.

SkyGate International is part of the Momondo Group. The group has offices in London, Copenhagen, Boston and Toronto, with a consumer base across 16 core international markets and users all over the world.

SkyGate International is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we have been developing solutions for the travel market since 1992.

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